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Gardening through the seasons with
troy scott-smith 




Monday, 11th September 2023

Monday, 27th November 2023

Monday, 26th February 2024

Monday, 29th April 2024

Monday, 24th June 2024

Time: 10am -4 pm


Location:  Upper Sydling House, Up Sydling, Dorchester

Dorset DT2 9PH

Price:  £900 (Price is the total cost for all five dates) 



‘Gardening through the Seasons' will be a course run over five days in 2023/2024 - during September, November, February, April and June - led by Troy Scott-Smith, Head Gardener at Sissinghurst.
Troy is one of the country's leading Head Gardeners and has worked at some of
the finest gardens in England, including Sissinghurst, Bodnant, and Iford Manor to name a few.


The course, spread over the key gardening months, will inform and demonstrate how to have a
very successful season in your garden. It will cover the various skills required in the garden,
aswell as the tasks needing to be done at the time of the course day, along with practical
demonstrations in the garden and the greenhouse. In addition, it will prepare you for what is
coming up and allow you to be ahead by planning - such an important part of having a successful
season in the garden!

With Troy’s expertise leading the course, you will learn new skills, be introduced to new plants, be given useful tips, aswell as being made aware of different types of
equipment designed to save both time and energy in the garden.
You can expect to learn the following, and more:

Propagating - Successional Sowing - Taking Cuttings - Lifting & Dividing -
Planting  Bulbs - Pruning - Planting Analysis - Plant Editing - Feeding - Staking



"In this series of lectures, practical demonstrations and garden analysis, I will guide you through the course of a gardening year and share with you how to get the best from your garden year-round. We will uncover the secrets of pruning, demystify propagation, and discover the art of successional planting and border management. Each day will be packed with information all simply explained and illustrated, and you will come away with techniques and confidence to put into practice in your own garden."

A word from troy


The day will start with coffee on arrival, followed by a mixture of talks and demonstrations in the
garden and the greenhouse, stopping for a much-needed lunch and finishing with tea and cake.
Waterproof clothing and sensible shoes should be brought along to this course as we shall be
outside in the garden aswell as indoors. Each course will run from 10am - 4pm (approx).

The course dates are:
Monday, 11th September 2023
Monday, 27th November 2023
Monday, 26th February 2024
Monday, 29th April 2024

Monday, 24th June 2024

In addition, there will be a chance to have an informal visit to Sissinghurst, with Troy (date to be
set in 2023) and a date will also be set for a visit to Dorset Walled Garden, in June 2023, should
anyone like to return when the garden is in full bloom. (These two days are optional)

Should you wish to book a place to give to a friend, we can send a personal gift voucher out to them.  Please email us if this is the case.

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